where does the artist end, and the art begin?

who am I in a vacuum?

perhaps a better question would go something like this:

if two mirrors are placed face-to-face with no one between them, who do they reflect?

my head is all music-to-words, nearly all of the time.

or maybe it is words-to-music.

what have I learned? what do I live by?

it’s important to be polite whenever possible. help when & where you can; people will remember. don’t waste, you have more than enough. the first rule of health is cleanliness, & the second is organization. control is unnecessary if management is attainable. don’t keep pins in your pockets. appearing confident is more important—and safer—than being confident. direct instructions have clear results. no one is always right or always wrong. it’s easy to be friendly, but hard to make friends. sleep is important, but not so much as not losing inspiration. nothing ambiguous happens after 10pm; it is either very good or very bad. always carry a pen.

often the issue is complicated by being a sizable number of issues, threads knotted together.

I create for myself in the same way I talk aloud to myself; to clear my head.